The price of captivity: Marine Dianov lacks 4 centimeters of bone in a broken arm



Marine Mikhail Dianov is missing several inches of bone in his hand. The man needs a long-term rehabilitation.

The journalist reported the relevant information. She also released sick footage of a soldier's hand after being seriously wounded.

Dianov needs a long treatment

Captivity price. And a clear proof of the “humanity” of our enemies. The hand of Mikhail Dianov, defender of Azovstal, released on September 21 after four months of captivity. The wounded hand is not something that has not grown together. It lacks 4 centimeters of bone, the message says.

According to the military sister, the bone in the hand has not grown together. It is known in advance that treatment and recovery will take a long time.

That is why Mikhail Dianov needs financial, moral, social, and medical assistance.

The military daughter also asked for help for her father

The daughter of the defender of Mariupol also wrote on Instagram that her father needed treatment.

Who wants to help and support, a mono card (monobank – channel 24), – said Ekaterina Dianova.

She gave her card details in monobank: 4441 1144 1404 1697 .

In addition, Violetta Chirtoka published the card details of Mikhail's sister, Elena Lavrushko:

  • card number: 5167 9856 6097 0773;
  • account: 262 0369 3506 959;
  • IBAN – UA 0930 5299 0000 0262 0369 356 959;
  • beneficiary's bank – JSC CB “PrivatBank”, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Details of the card of Mikhail Dianov's sister/Screenshot by Violetta Kirtoka

The daughter of the defender of Mariupol showed what her father's wounded hand looks like. The photo is really hard to look at. Mikhail Dianov needs medical treatment that needs money/Photo by Violetta Chirtoka

What is known about Mikhail Dianov

  • The world has learned about Marine Mikhail Dianov spring 2022. Then his photo with a broken arm from Azovstal spread around the world. Unfortunately, in addition to a wounded arm, the military man had balls in both legs.
  • In May 2022, Mikhail Dianov, along with other defenders, was captured.
  • The soldier and more than 200 of his brothers were fired late on the evening of September 21st. The photos published then show that the military man has lost a lot of weight.
  • It is known that 42-year-old Mikhail Dianov is from Ternopil. He is a senior sergeant of the 6th Separate Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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