The priest opened the door of the church: how and where the kids were saved during a plane crash in Brovary


The priest opened the door of the church: how and where the kids were rescued during the plane crash in Brovary< /p>

The morning of January 18 was tragic for the city of Brovary in the Kyiv region and for the whole country because of the plane crash that killed 14 people, including the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As a result of the helicopter crash, more than 2 dozen people were injured, but there could have been more if it were not for the heroism of those who saved the children.

The journalists spent the whole day at the scene of the tragedy and talked about how the locals saved the children who were in the kindergarten. Including the heroism of educators, which President Volodymyr Zelensky mentioned in his address.

“The helicopter is flying straight at us”

A local resident Nikolay a few minutes later brought his son to the garden where the helicopter had fallen. As soon as he wanted to change the child's clothes, he heard an unusual rumble. Glancing out the window, the man saw a helicopter crashing right into the garden, so he yelled for everyone to hide. The blast wave knocked the man to the ground, but, fortunately, his son was not hurt. He quickly took him in his arms, ran out into the street and began to scream and call for help.

As a result of the tragedy, Nikolai burned his leg, bruised his lower back and chest, but he was not hospitalized. The man was more worried about his son's condition, because after reacting to the shock he had a fever and on the day of the tragedy he did not speak. He is afraid that a red helicopter will fly there, the man says.

Back to news fire-engulfed garden.

Local volunteer Lydia also arrived at the scene of the tragedy, because her son goes to school near the kindergarten where the helicopter fell. The woman recalls that when she arrived there, she saw how the teachers from the windows and the fence handed over the children to ordinary passers-by, who were further carried to the school nearby. Ambulances were just approaching at that moment.

Three children were taken to their homes by teenagers Gleb, Andrey, Vitya and Anton. You can read about these students in a separate article.

The priest opened the door of the church

Literally 100 meters from the garden is the local temple of the Three Saints of the UGCC. At the time of the helicopter crash, the priests in the church were just beginning the liturgy on the eve of Epiphany. Father Oleg Panchinyak said that after the explosion he went outside and saw people running out of the kindergarten and nowhere to hide, so he opened the church door for them.

People ran out of the kindergarten and there was nowhere to hide, I opened the door of the church, we have a basement there, a lower church, – says the priest.

The priest remembered a man who came running with a wounded child and a mother who, with her burnt hands, wrapped her baby wrapped in a blanket . The father remembered that it was a “sunny” child.

Up to 2 dozen people found shelter in the church. Meanwhile, kindergarten teachers desperately saved the children, there were even those who left the kindergarten only in underwear. Locals suggest that their clothes were burned while they were rescuing children.

Doctors say that with such a death toll, as in this tragedy, doctors expected more victims. Obviously, what happened differently thanks to the joint efforts of educators, volunteers, rescuers and the police.

Let us recall that the plane crash in Brovary claimed the lives of 14 people, including 10 of those who were on board the helicopter. Among the dead are Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky, his first deputy Yevgeny Yenin, state secretary of the department Yuri Lubkovich, deputy chairman of the Patronage Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Tatyana Shutyak, head of the protection department of the Internal Security Department Mikhail Pavlushko, leading inspector of the Communications Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Nikolai Anapetsky of the Communications Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Nikolai Anapov. The tragedy also claimed the lives of 1 child and his mother.

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