The process sometimes lasts only 48 hours – Pentagon on the transportation of weapons from the US to Ukraine


The process sometimes takes only 48 hours, – The Pentagon on the transportation of weapons from the US to Ukraine

Sometimes weapons from the US travel to Ukraine for only 48 hours/The New York Times

The United States continues to help Ukraine with weapons. The Pentagon said that time plays a very important role, so sometimes the transportation process lasts only 48 hours.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said this. Each benefit package is different, he said. It all depends on what Ukraine asks and what the US can provide.

Transportation of weapons sometimes takes as little as 48 hours

Kirby said that weapons are being sent to Ukraine that the United States has already acquired. It lies somewhere in bases and warehouses abroad or on the territory of the United States itself. After Ukraine's request, the source is searched for exactly where to get these weapons.

Then the US President gives permission, and the Secretary of State announces an administrative task. And time plays an important role in this process, because the weapon should be sent quickly.

Even as we produce the list and look for sources, the US Armed Forces Transportation Command is already planning flights. They are already thinking: “If the weapons will come from the X base in the US, then what needs to be done to make sure that we have planes to get them there as soon as possible,” said Kirby.

Speaker The Pentagon noted that the transportation process has been reduced over time so that it sometimes lasts only 48 hours.

“Not 48 hours to get to Ukraine, but 48 hours to deliver to the region. Sometimes, hitting into the region, weapons could be in Ukraine in 24 to 36 hours. It's just incredible speed,” Kirby added.

The Pentagon speaker summed up that this is indeed an unprecedented process, because the United States can move so many weapons into the hands of Ukrainian fighters in a matter of days.

US position on war in Ukraine

  • The Pentagon held a meeting of the Contact Group on Military Support to Ukraine, which was attended by defense ministers from more than 40 countries. After that, the head of the US Department of Defense, Lloyd Austin, said that 20 more states were ready to announce new assistance packages.
  • At the same time, Washington stressed that the arms supply chain for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is so stable that Russia will not be able to disrupt the supplies.
  • In addition, the United States is a strong supporter of Ukraine financially. As early as May 21, United States President Joseph Biden signed a law allocating $40 billion for our country.
  • According to Oksana Markarova, Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States, this money is used for defense, economic support and humanitarian needs.
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