The programmer turned a pocket calculator into a messenger

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The programmer turned a pocket calculator into a messenger

The Casio FX pocket calculator has found a new use. It turned out that with its help you can not only do calculations and solve differential equations, but also communicate, like in a messenger on a smartphone. This was proved by the German developer Tobias Medel. The programmer turned the FX-9750G II calculator into a web server, and then placed a chat site on it for communication.

To connect the calculator to the Internet, the developer used SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol), an outdated network protocol for connecting to networks using TCP / IP standards. Today SLIP is used in microcontrollers due to its simplicity. Medel wrote the fxIP program for connecting to the device and posted its source code on GitHub.

As noted by the developer, the messenger can work with Casio 9860G graphing calculators. Other applications can be created on them.

Earlier, “Secret” talked about the development of the Italian programmer Nino Trivelli. He created a website for those who want to feel as rich as entrepreneur Elon Musk. The portal user can make imaginary purchases in the “online store”, where a variety of goods and services are presented – from game consoles to the Abrams tank. Visitors have 164 billion virtual dollars for this.

Photo: frame from video / YouTube channel Tobias Mädel

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