“The push should be in NATO”: Russian schoolchildren were forced to zigzag


In the Russian city of Kazan, schoolchildren were forced to zigzag and sing patriotic songs. This happened during the celebration on February 23rd.

The DOXA publication released a video showing students zigging in one of the Russian schools. They did it to the song “I am Russian”.

How Russian schoolchildren were forced to zigzag

On the published footage, you can see that the teacher at school forced the children to raise their right hand to the song of the singer Shaman “I am Russian.” This gesture was reminiscent of the Nazi salute.

The point is that he (the singer) is a citizen of Russia, which you all are, I hope, – said the teacher.

After that, the students were forced to raise their right hand clenched into a fist.

“The push should be in the sky, in NATO,” the teacher told the schoolchildren.

When some of the children refused to zigger, the woman began to offend them.

Well, what are you all in general, not Russians, or what? Well, I understand that someone is not Russian, but citizens or not? No? Urgently emigrate, – the teacher attacked the children.

Russian schoolchildren were forced to zigzag: watch the video

Russian schoolchildren say hello to Kherson raccoon

Earlier in Kemerovo, schoolchildren said hello to the Kherson raccoon, which was stolen by the invaders. The children posed in front of the Christmas tree with gifts and weapons in their hands.

In addition, the children rattled like a raccoon and dressed in military uniforms.

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