The Rada will consider a draft law on voluntary military registration of women at the next meeting


The Rada will consider the bill on voluntary military registration of women at the next meeting

< p _ngcontent-sc136="" class="news-annotation">Parliamentarians are getting ready to consider Bill 6482 on voluntary military registration of women. This will happen at the next plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada.

As is known, earlier the National Security and Defense Committee approved this bill in the first reading.

Despite the fact that this issue primarily concerns the orders of the Ministry of Defense, and not the law, the members of the committee decided to support the voluntariness of the military accounting for women by proposing legislative changes to the parliament.

Deputy Minister of Defense Anna Malyar noted that today there is no urgent need in the statesignificantly increase the number of women on military records. But at the same time, the Armed Forces still need specialties and specialists in medicine, radio engineering, food technology.

Pay attention! Since 2014, not a single woman has been forcibly sent to the front only with her consent.

From October 1, women in a number of professions will have to register with the military. In this regard, the opinion spread about a possible ban on traveling abroad. Malyar stressed that no restrictions were envisaged.

What preceded this

At the end of 2021, a list of specialties and professions for women was created in Ukraine, which should be registered as conscripts. Women had to write a corresponding application and provide a package of documents during 2022. However, against this background, a considerable scandal erupted. Back then, Malyar explained that no one would take women into the army.

This is not mobilization and military conscription. We are only talking about updating the military record system,” she stressed.

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