The rarest astronomical event predicted in December

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The rarest astronomical event predicted in December

Scientists predicted that on December 21, 2020, after sunset, Jupiter and Saturn would come to the closest possible distance in the night sky since the Middle Ages. The rarest astronomical phenomenon is reported in a press release on

Connections between the two gas giants occur about once every 20 years, but they get so close to each other even less often. The last time this happened was at dawn on March 4, 1226. On December 16-25, the apparent distance between Jupiter and Saturn will be one-fifth of the diameter of the full moon, making it appear as a double planet.

The inhabitants of the equator will have better conditions for observation, but the phenomenon will be available to all people on Earth, if weather permits. The planets will appear in the western sky about an hour after sunset. The further north the observer is, the less time he will have before the planets descend below the horizon. However, Jupiter and Saturn are bright enough to be seen at dusk.

The next time a close conjunction of the planets will occur on March 15, 2080, and then in 2400.

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