The real harvest is yet to come”: 59 OMBR destroyed the Russian “Msta-S”


The real harvest is yet to come

59th Specialized Motorized Brigade destroyed the Russian Msta-S/collage of Channel 24 and inflict damage on the Russian military. The brave Ukrainian defenders managed to eliminate the enemy self-propelled howitzer.

Ukrainian soldiers' harvest day

The Russian self-propelled artillery installation 2S19 “Msta-S” was liquidated by soldiers of the 59th separate motorized infantry brigade named after Yakov Gandzyuk. This was reported by their press service on social networks.

The 59th brigade noted that the 2S19 Msta-S is a deadly vehicle capable of striking from afar. After the skillful work of the Ukrainian motorized infantry, only scrap metal remained from it.

The Ukrainian defenders did not stop at the artillery installation. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also reported that they had eliminated several 122mm D-30 mounts.

The military of the 59th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade named after Yakov Gandzyuk destroyed the Russian 2S19 Msta-S self-propelled artillery mount. This deadly machine, a long-range 152mm howitzer dragged by the Russians to our land to kill Ukrainians, is now lying around in a pile of scrap metal, littering the Ukrainian field. At the same time, several more 122-millimeter D-30 mounts came under distribution from our soldiers, the report says.

Also, the fearless Ukrainian soldiers published a video of their skillful work and warned the enemy that the real harvest was yet to come .

59th Specialized Brigade destroys Russian Msta-S – video

Losses of the Russian army in Ukraine

  • On the 76th day of a full-scale invasion, Russia did not give up its goals. Ukrainian soldiers heroically hold the line and destroy the enemy.
  • On the morning of May 10, the press service of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published updated information about the losses of Russian invaders in Ukraine. It was reported that 26,000 Russian soldiers had already died in the war in Ukraine.
  • The Russians failed in the Lugansk region. In particular, near Belogorovka, enemy troops tried to create a strong crossing and overturn military equipment through it. But the Ukrainian defenders destroyed the enemy equipment.
  • Note that during May 9, the Ukrainian defenders in the East repelled 8 enemy attacks. There, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed up to 250 Russians and 13 tanks at once.
  • The aggressor troops suffered insane losses in the South. There, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit 130 hostile targets. As a result, dozens of infidels and many technicians were liquidated.

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