The real “Russian world” is always otherworldly


The real "Russian world" – always otherworldly

HIMARS will be the newest Charon for Russians/Getty Images

Finally good news. The West gives Ukraine the necessary weapons in almost the required volumes. Lend-Lease is working.

Lend-Lease is working

Zelensky has agreed with Biden on the supply of weapons, which our European, God forgive us, allies so resolutely promise but reluctantly give .

We are talking about howitzers, MLRS, anti-ship missiles and other devices for the mass deactivation of Russians. Despite the skepticism of the egg-headed experts, lend-lease is working.

There will be more “good Russians”

And if we also take into account Johnson's promise to add weapons, which, unlike the collective “scholz”, he fulfills, as well as “Ramstein-3” and the return of the first batch of Ukrainian soldiers already trained in NATO artillery, one can count on funeral soldiers in Russia in the near future.

The real “Russian world” is always otherworldly.

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