The reason for the failure of Facebook has become known

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The reason for the failure of Facebook has become known

The reason for the failure of the Facebook services is the update of the dynamic routing protocol. This became known to the journalist from a member of the company's recovery team, writes RIA Novosti.

Now the work of Facebook services, in particular, Instagram and WhatsApp, has gradually begun to recover, they have seen an increase in traffic.

The global outage affected Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other services and broke the time record. The first messages about problems began to be written after 18:34 Moscow time. The crash became “the longest blackout for Facebook since 2008.” Then the social network was inaccessible to 80 million users for about a day. A major failure was also recorded in 2019, but it lasted no more than an hour.

CNBC also noted that the failure of the social network Facebook became the most serious and longest since 2008. The majority of complaints about the operation of the services came from users from the United States and Great Britain, as well as from Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France and other countries.

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