The river of incandescent lava of the volcano reached the ocean: toxic gas rose into the air on La Palma

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 A river of incandescent lava from the volcano reached the ocean: toxic gas has risen into the air on La Palma

People are warned of deteriorating air quality.

The toxic threat has arisen on the Spanish island of La Palma, where the volcano is erupting.

This was reported in TSN. Ranok November 25.

On the island, due to a volcanic eruption, the third river of incandescent lava reached the Atlantic Ocean. Three thousand residents of nearby villages have already been warned about the deteriorating air quality. Indeed, when the bench comes into contact with water, toxic gases are released. People were advised not to go outside again.

The volcano on the island of La Palma has not calmed down for two months. During this time, seven thousand people were evacuated. More than 2.5 thousand houses were destroyed. Due to volcanic ash, the local airport is working intermittently. However, this does not stop tourists who want to see the natural phenomenon with their own eyes.

Recall that the volcano woke up on the Spanish island on September 20. The authorities have raised the level of threat to orange. Regional roads were blocked. The evacuation of people began. In total, the rivers of incandescent lava have burned out almost 800 hectares of land – mostly farmland. Banana and avocado plantations were particularly affected. Previously, this happened in 1971.

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