The rocket, which the Russians hit on Voznesensk, could fly to the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant


The missile that the Russians hit on Voznesensk could have flown to the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant

On the afternoon of August 20, Russia struck Voznesensk in the Mykolaiv region. However, an enemy missile could fly to the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant, located near the city.

This was reported in “Energoatom”. They emphasized that the launch of missiles in the surveillance zone of the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant is nothing more than another manifestation of nuclear terrorism on the part of Russia.

Russia could aim at the nuclear power plant

Energoatom stressed that it is possible that Russia launched a rocket into the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant. The occupiers tried to seize it back in March.

The very fact of the shelling of the observation zone of the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant is yet another cynical act of Russian nuclear terrorism. After all, fragments of an enemy rocket that hit the house were found on the spot. And it is possible that this missile was directed precisely towards the nuclear power plant, which the Russian military tried to seize back in early March, Energoatom noted.

The state enterprise noted that the plans of infidels for the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant tested the country after the Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped them near Voznesensk. Now the Russians are massively shelling the South of our state, destroying its infrastructure.

The missile the Russians hit through Voznesensk, could fly to the South Ukrainian NPP

A fragment of a Russian missile that hit a building in Voznesensk

Meanwhile, the nuclear blackmail of Russians at the ZNPP continues.

The largest nuclear power plant in Europe, Zaporozhye, is now under occupation. The occupiers are trying to blackmail Ukraine and the world with the help of a nuclear facility.

On August 18, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that Ukraine was allegedly “preparing” provocations at the ZNPP, which can be interpreted as an actual announcement by the Russians of their own actions. The invaders made the next day a day off for the employees of the Zaporizhzhya NPP

On August 19, Ukrainian intelligence reported that the infidels announced another day off at the ZNPP – August 23. On the eve of Independence Day, the invaders again seek to engage in nuclear blackmail.

At the same time, British MP from the Conservative Party Tobias Ellwood and member of the US House of Representatives Adam Kinzinger said that the deliberate infliction of a radiation leak that could spread to countries NATO, can be considered a violation of Article 5 of the Charter of the Collective Security Alliance – that is, the cause of Russia's catastrophe in the EU by attacking NATO.

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