The Russian admitted that he personally shot 2 Ukrainian soldiers who laid down their arms on video


The Russian admitted that he personally shot 2 Ukrainian soldiers who laid down their arms on video

Russian invaders brag to their families about crimes in Ukraine. One of the occupiers told how he shot the Ukrainian military.

This became known from the intercepted conversations of the invaders with their relatives. The relevant materials were published by the Main Directorate of Intelligence.

Russians boast of their crimes

A Russian serviceman talks about the murder of unarmed Ukrainian soldiers on video and receives the latest news about PIK Wagner from his girlfriend.

The occupant tells how he personally shot two Ukrainian soldiers on video, who previously laid down their weapons and asked not to shoot.

“They surrendered their weapons, but I finished them anyway,” the Russian said.

The interlocutor talks about a Russian businessman who was imprisoned for the murder of his family, and he went to the Wagnerites, and then, after serving the contract, flew away to rest.

“They said that they would be punished by law, who would raise their past about the Wagnerites … They fought, they are now, well, clean,” the conversation says.

The occupier talks about his crimes: watch the video

Execution of Alexander Matsievsky

  • On March 6, Ukrainians were shocked by a video on the Internet in which a Ukrainian soldier was shot after the words “Glory to Ukraine.”
  • Subsequently, it was possible to establish his name – the Ukrainian sniper of the 163rd battalion of the 119th separate brigade of the TPO of the Chernihiv region, Alexander Matsievsky, turned out to be the killed fighter. They fought at Soledar.
  • The mother said that the last time her son called her was on December 29, 2022. Then he went on a mission and the connection with him disappeared. The mother recognized her son in a video on the net. This happened after the funeral.
  • Subsequently, Volodymyr Zelensky posthumously granted Oleksandr Matsiyevsky the title of Hero of Ukraine. The 42-year-old Hero is survived by a 19-year-old son and mother. The soldier was divorced.

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