The Russian army is not able to break through the corridor in Transnistria, – Washington Post


The Russian army is not able to break through the corridor in Transnistria, - Washington Post

According to media reports, Russia will not be able to create a land corridor in Transnistria/Collage of Channel 24

Recently, Russia has officially admitted that they want to capture the East and South of Ukraine. Rustam Minnekaev, commander of the Russian Central Military District, has announced plans to create a land corridor in Transnistria, but the American media doubt that the Kremlin will be able to realize its aggressive plans.

Minnekaev stated that the Russian language is allegedly “infringed” in Transnistria. The Russian commander used one of those propaganda narratives that justify the war against Ukraine.

Russia is mired in battle

According to The Washington Post, with the beginning of a full-scale war, Russia failed in an attempt to advance to the south-west of Ukraine. Therefore, although the statement regarding Transnistria surprised many analysts, Russia's chances of creating a land corridor to Moldova are very small.

One argument is that the Russians are mired in battles in eastern Ukraine. Neither the presence of Russian troops, nor Moscow's support for the “authorities” of Transnistria guarantees that the local population will want to be involved in the war.

Analysts say that Russia is trying to maintain points of influence in Eastern Europe, one of which is Transnistria. Although no country in the world, including the Kremlin, has recognized the “independence” of this entity.

Despite the desire to keep Transnistria against the background of the fact that, following Ukraine, Moldova also applied for EU membership, this entity is not is of strategic importance for Russia. Therefore, even if we assume that the aggressor manages to create a land corridor in Transnistria, there will be no sense from this.

Access to Transnistria, as the newspaper notes, will create even more problems for Russia. In this case, the Kremlin will face even more sanctions, and relations with Moldova, which is trying to maintain its neutrality, will come to an end.

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