The Russian army will gradually go over to the side of the one who wins – ex-KGB agent


The Russian army will gradually go over to the side of the one who wins, – ex-KGB agent

On May 22, Russian volunteers began to “liberate” the settlements of the Belgorod region. When the occupying army sees that the Freedom of Russia legion and the RDC are winning, they will gradually go over to their side.

This opinionChannel 24 was voiced by a former KGB foreign intelligence officer Sergei Zelenko. According to him, the Russian people have a high level of impulsivity.

“If someone starts to win and win, the “snowball” phenomenon occurs. Even if this is not fundamental and critical. Therefore, if there are at least a few more bright and successful actions like Belgorod, then the Russian army will gradually go over to the side of who wins,” says the ex-KGB agent.

Russians are not taught to defend themselves

Sergei Zelenko is convinced that the Kremlin does not have a plan to counter Russian volunteer formations. He remembered that even in the Soviet Union they never made plans for defense. They considered only the offensive.

Even as a cadet and then a student of the academy, I never saw maps of the USSR. All maneuvers on the maps of Europe. Not a single Soviet officer had the slightest idea how the defense was built, because the defense was never taught. Only offensive, he remembered.

The former KGB officer noted that even now Russia does not understand anything about defense actions. This is evidenced, for example, by the trenches that the invaders are building near Melitopol.

Zelenko about Russian volunteers: watch the video

“Liberation” of the Belgorod region: briefly

  • Joint efforts of the RDK and the “Freedom of Russia” legion entered the territory of the Belgorod region on May 22. They announced “liberation” from Putin's regime. In just two days, the volunteers were able to advance 42 kilometers deep into the region. In the end, on May 24, they left the territory of Russia.
  • As a result of the operation, two people were killed and ten more were injured. The operation showed that Russia's borders are not protected. It is worth noting that Ukraine has nothing to do with the actions of Russian volunteers.
  • Speaker of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Andrey Yusov said that now the invaders need their own troops in the Belgorod region. Therefore, Russia intends to transfer its units from the occupied territories to its borders.

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