The Russian captain joined the Legion “Freedom of Russia”, which is fighting on the side of Ukraine


Russian captain joins the

Russian captain joins the Ukrainian legion “Freedom of Russia”/Video screenshot

A Russian captain has joined the Freedom of Russia legion. Anatoly Semekin urged all his brothers not to fight against Ukraine.

The military man noted that Russia could soon turn into North Korea. The fighter does not want his family to suffer because of the cynical war that Vladimir Putin started.

The fact that the Russian army is doing wrong, Semekin realized when he saw the bombing of peaceful Ukrainian cities and the use of phosphorus bombs.


I want all this to end soon and people understand that we don't need this war. That's not what we were sent here for. These are not the ideas that are hammered into our heads,” the captain said.

Therefore, the fighter called on the Russian military not to go to Ukraine and not follow the cynical and cruel orders of the leadership.

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Let's note that the “Freedom of Russia” legion was created from captured Russian soldiers who do not want to fight against Ukraine. Belarusians also joined him.

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