The Russian Embassy reacted to the statements of the White House about the invasion of Ukraine

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The Russian Embassy in the USA: the words about the preparation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine are stuffed

The Russian Embassy reacted to the statements of the White House about the invasion of Ukraine

Photo: Facebook page of the Russian Embassy in the USA

The Russian Embassy in the United States on its Facebook page reacted to the statements of the White House and the Pentagon about the allegedly impending Russian invasion of Ukraine. The diplomatic mission stressed that such words are stuffing and provocation, the United States does not provide evidence.

The embassy pointed out that such a formulation of the issue confirms the ongoing information pressure on Russia. They noted that the same scenario is being repeated, when the “sensation” repeated many times by the Western press turns into the main newsbreak.

“For our part, we would like to warn our colleagues against such adventures. We declare once again: the unceasing accusations in the United States (both at the official level and in the media) against us are unfounded and cannot have any confirmation, ”the Russian diplomatic mission added.

The embassy called on the United States to work substantively to provide security guarantees based on the documents proposed by Moscow and stressed that Russia is opposed to war and is in favor of a diplomatic solution to international problems.

Earlier, White House press secretary Jen Psaki revealed the possible timing of the so-called Russian invasion of Ukraine. A representative of the US presidential administration, without providing evidence, indicated that this could begin in mid-January-February.

Prior to this, Pentagon spokesman John Kibri said that the United States has evidence that Russia is preparing provocations to justify the invasion of Ukraine. According to him, Moscow is really preparing a group of military men who will carry out an operation in Ukraine under a false flag.

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