The Russian fleet will have a stealth ship, armed

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The Russian fleet will have an invisible ship, armed

American admirals and shipbuilders have long spirited the world with the mysterious expression “stealth technology.” Although there is no magic here. In simple terms, this is a decrease in the visibility of military equipment.

So our shipbuilders decided to show that they do not weave in the wagon train of scientific and technological progress. The corvette Mercury is under construction in St. Petersburg, which will become the first ship in the Russian Navy to be built entirely using this very stealth technology. It is planned to be put into operation next year (construction began in 2016).

Well, how will the ship become “invisible”?

The experts answer: the superstructure of the corvette has a special shape, where the number of protruding elements is reduced to a minimum. During the construction of the hull, various composite materials and special radio-absorbing paints are used. And on enemy radars, a huge rocket ship should be visible like a small boat.


Corvette “Mercury”

Displacement of the ship – 3.4 thousand tons,

Length – 109 meters,

Width – 13 meters, speed – up to 30 knots,

Sailing range – 5000 nautical miles,

Crew – 80 people.

It is assumed that the corvette will be armed with a 100-mm artillery mount A-190, two 30-mm gun mounts AK-630M, an anti-aircraft missile system “Redut”, anti-submarine torpedoes “Packet-NK” and anti-ship cruise missiles “Caliber”. The ship will also be able to carry drones.

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