The Russian Foreign Ministry spoke about the “land” in relations with NATO

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Deputy Foreign Minister Grushko: Russia and NATO “reached the edge” in the possibility of escalating the situation

The Russian Foreign Ministry spoke about the

Alexander Grushko. Photo: Press Service of the Russian Foreign Ministry / RIA Novosti

Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Alexander Grushko said that Moscow and NATO “reached the edge” in the possibility of an escalation of the situation. He stated this following a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council (NRC), TASS reports.

According to him, two weeks ago, Russian commercial aircraft had to change the route according to commands from the ground, because there was a real danger of a collision with American reconnaissance aircraft flying off the coast of Russia. “This is a very dangerous thing,” the diplomat stressed.

In addition, Grushko also noted that the problems that separate Russia and NATO are quite serious. He added that it is not yet clear how they can be overcome.

Earlier, the Deputy Foreign Minister said that Moscow is counting on a clear response from NATO on proposals for security guarantees. According to him, Russia hopes that the countries of the alliance will either present their views on how to follow the path of implementing the proposals put forward by Moscow, or explain why they are unacceptable.

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