The Russian legend “we don't cast our own” burst like a soap bubble


Russian the legend of

The Russian army is on fire at work, but does not forget to rob/ZSU

The occupiers who left the Kiev and Chernigov directions to Belarus are selling the loot at an impromptu bazaar in Belarus.

This indicates several things. This robbery is authorized by their command. Or maybe there were even appropriate orders. Perhaps, in order to raise the “fighting spirit”.

Soap bubble

They “drop the convoy”. They sell everything they can in order to regroup and go back to Ukraine. Kill and rob our homes. Without sunset to Russia. Or without sunset in large settlements.

So, they will strike again and in the shortest possible time. But that's not so bad anymore.

Firstly, they won't get enough rest. And there will be no opportunity and time to upgrade the equipment.

Secondly, most of the dregs of the Ukrainians who robbed will now think how to save their skin and bring the loot. According to the legend “we don’t throw our own”, which burst like a soap bubble in this war, none of the brothers will transfer the booty of the dead to their families. They are tearing apart their own.

A nation of marauders

So, in the future, raising morale is a kind of idea. Although they will rampage with civilians even more. Because they got drunk with impunity.

It means to kill, kill, kill.

Separately, I would like to note that someone buys everything, understanding that there are tears and blood on these things.

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