The Russian opposition leader called the main goal of the new nuclear blackmail of Moscow


Russian oppositionist named main goal of Moscow's new nuclear blackmail

Such intimidation by Russia is evidence of hopelessness. The Russian government is well aware of how the war with Ukraine will end.

Russian opposition politician Dmitry Gudkov told about this Channel 24. According to him, nuclear war blackmail cannot be a serious reason for unrest.

The main goal of blackmail

Dmitry Gudkov explained that rumors about the use of nuclear weapons by Russian President Vladimir Putin have their audience.

This is calculated on the fear of Western leaders, who still cannot even agree on the supply of tanks to Ukraine, he stressed.

In his opinion, the Russian dictator resorts to such tactics for a reason.

“When you can't win a war, you start threatening nuclear weapons, blackmailing in the hope that the West will stop support Ukraine,” he said.

The oppositionist commented that the situation when the West turns its back on Ukraine is no longer possible.

“We have already passed this turn,” he added.

According to him, such opinions are really groundless.

Dmitry Gudkov told why Russia threatens nuclear war: watch the video

Result of the war

Dmitry Gudkov said that in the event of a nuclear war, there would be nothing left for Russia. This is well understood by the Russian leadership.

“I don't think they are like those people who are ready to end their lives by such political suicide,” he explained.

According to the oppositionist, Ukraine's victory is obvious.

In fact, it seems to me that everyone already understands that they are not talking about to drive tanks to Moscow, it is about the victory over the Putin regime on the territory of Ukraine, he focused.

Gudkov stressed that the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian lands would be evidence of the victory of Ukraine and the defeat of the Putin regime.

Moscow nuclear blackmail: in short< /h2>

  • Russia periodically threatens with a nuclear strike not only to Ukraine, but also to the world. The director of practical policy programs at the Institute of Political Education, Alexander Solontai, believes that Vladimir Putin will not take such a step, but demand results at the front.
  • According to international investigators, Vladimir Putin has not abandoned the idea of ​​using nuclear weapons. Hristo Grozev, a journalist for the independent international intelligence community Bellingcat, said that Putin is quite seriously ready to launch a nuclear strike on Poland.
  • Former SBU employee, expert at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future attack on a third country. However, according to Stupak, the plan is unlikely to be implemented in practice.

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