The Russian regime is already absolutely dependent on China, – Piontkovsky


The Russian regime is already absolutely dependent on China, – Piontkovsky

The Russian regime is already absolutely dependent on China, – Piontkovsky/Collage Channel 24

Because of the sanctions, Russia has become dependent on China, because most countries have limited cooperation with the aggressor country. And then China can take some territories of Russia for itself.

Russian publicist Andrey Piontkovsky told Channel 24 about this.

According to him, China is one of the main beneficiaries of this war. The expert says that he has already benefited – Russia has weakened so much that it has become a helpless appendage of China.

The combination of sanctions and the military dependent on China for everything. After all, the main blow of the sanctions is not financial, but technological,” Piontokovsky said.

He claims that Russia has become a helpless hostage of China.

“And China will first fulfill its immediate demands on the territory, thrown back by the Chinese Empire in the 19th century, and then de facto “swallow” the entire territory of the Far East and Eastern Siberia,” the publicist believes.

In his opinion, if the Americans refused to support Ukraine, and we were defeated, China could have taken Taiwan in a week.

China's position on the war in Ukraine: latest news

  • The United States said that a possible alliance between Russia and China is very dangerous. Therefore, the US State Department will provide Congress with reports detailing China's actions on the Kremlin.
  • At the same time, the Chinese Foreign Ministry assures that they do not want a third world war. Department spokesman Wang Wenbin spoke about the need to strengthen global security.
  • Earlier, the US State Department said it was concerned about Chinese support for Russian aggression in Ukraine.
  • However, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby noted that there is no sign that China is providing weapons to Russia. According to him, the Kremlin is using its own military force, which it had accumulated near the borders of Ukraine until February 24.
  • Vadim Denisenko, an adviser to the interior minister, said China was turning its back on Russia and Belarus. In turn, it will reorient itself to the so-called countries of the southern route.

Video to the topic – Chinese TV has published a “new map of Russia”

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