The Russians again thought “explosives” at the oil pipeline station “Druzhba”


The Russians again thought

The Russians said that they allegedly found explosives again near the Druzhba oil pipeline. This is the second time in a week that propagandists have spread reports of an “explosive device” at the facility.

Propaganda media claim that on March 16, a drone dropped an “explosive device” near the Druzhba oil pipeline station, Channel 24 informs.

“Explosives” dropped from a drone

An unknown drone allegedly again dropped explosives in the Bryansk region near the Druzhba oil pipeline. The Russians report that an “explosive device” was found near a transformer substation the day before.

In Russia, they say that sappers arrived at the site of the “sabotage” and defused the “explosives.” There were no injuries or casualties.

According to propagandists, the “explosive device” was stuffed with powder elements in the form of granules. They are used in industrial work, for example, in mining.

Who may be involved in this event, the propagandists are not named. However, no matter who the Russians accuse of “sabotage”, it will still be a fiction.

Attacked the station for the second time in a week

A few days ago, the Russians had already announced a “sabotage” at the Druzhba oil pipeline. On March 14, an unknown UAV dropped an “explosive device” near the station.

Propaganda media claimed that the “explosive” did not work and the sappers defused it. The Russians blamed everything on “pro-Ukrainian groups” that staged a “sabotage.” The Transneft company, which is the operator of the oil pipeline, announced the involvement of their employees, who helped organize the “explosion”.

“Unknown drones” are increasingly attacking Russia

  • Propagandists said that a drone attacked a Gazprom facility in the Moscow region. According to them, the drone allegedly fell near the gas station. The Russians announced “a Ukrainian trace in this sabotage.”
  • Another case when “unknown drones” attacked Russia occurred in February. There was a large-scale fire at the oil depot in Tuapse. The propagandists again stated that the object was allegedly attacked by “Ukrainian drones”.
  • In addition, the Russians said about “an unknown aircraft” that fell on the territory of the Republic of Adygea. The result is destruction.

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