The Russians are already tired of dying there, they are looking for other “wells” – Gaidai about one of the directions


The Russians are already tired of dying there, they are looking for other

The situation in the Belogorovsk direction is absolutely stable. The Ukrainian military courageously hold the line, and all attempts by the enemy to go on the offensive there are defeated.

Serhiy Gaidai, the former head of the Luhansk regional military administration, spoke about this on Channel 24 . He stressed that he can argue about this, because he saw the situation with his own eyes and talked with the military defenders.

The Russians are looking for a “well”

Sergei Gaidai claims that offensive attempts continue. However, no matter what means the enemy tries to fire at and how much strength he throws at him, he fails.

Sometimes they try to find some kind of “well” to the right or to the left, so as not to go to Belogorovka, because they are already simply tired of dying there, – added the exocellist of the Luhansk OVA.

Sergei Gaidai on the course of hostilities in the Luhansk region: watch the video

Help for the military

Although the situation in the Belogorovsk direction is under control, the Ukrainian military needs help. According to Sergei Gaidai, they received some “gifts” that will definitely not go in favor of the occupiers.

“We have brought them everything they need to better detect and destroy the enemy,” he confirmed.

Luhansk region: latest events

  • In the Luhansk region, heavy fighting continues for every piece of Ukrainian land. It became known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to de-occupy the village of Novoselovskoye.
  • FSB officers in the temporarily occupied territories of the Luhansk region are massively opening criminal proceedings, accusing local residents of “collaborating with the SBU.” This is due to the need to give “correct” reports.
  • Earlier it was reported that in the temporarily occupied Lugansk, the Russians set up a barracks in a local hospital. Probably to protect the military from the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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