“The Russians are blown away”: a military expert assessed the offensive potential of the occupiers


UK MoD Russian troops have depleted, at least temporarily, the combat capability of deployed formations in Ukraine and are having one of the slowest rates of offensive operations since at least January of this year.

Military expert Pavel Narozhny also noted that the fire pressure of the invaders at the front is significantly weakened. He told Channel 24 about this.

Combat capability is very low

According to the expert, the Russians are blown away.

This is evidenced by the speed of their fire, the number of artillery systems that they bring to firing positions, the number of shots they fire and their accuracy, etc. Narozhny emphasized.

He stressed that, of course, there are sections of the front on which the occupiers can still maintain tremendous pressure. Specifically – in Bakhmut. After all, they threw a very large number of personnel and military equipment there.

“But in general, the combat capability and, most importantly, the offensive capability of the Russian army is now very low,” he said.

Military expert on the situation in Bakhmut: watch the video

Proud of advancing the 500 meters

The military expert drew attention to the fact that Russian propaganda tells how they seized a certain plant located in Bakhmut.

They pride themselves on advancing somewhere between 500 and 600 meters ahead. And this is a huge army, in which there are millions of people. This is all they can tell about their successes,” the interlocutor emphasized.

In his opinion, if the enemy really had an offensive potential, he could burn through the defense line and advance not 500 meters, but 50 or 100 kilometers.

“But this is not happening,” concluded Pavel Narozhny.

The situation in Bakhmut: latest news

  • Military expert Andrei Kramarov said that recently the enemy has been in the Bakhmut direction. reduced the intensity of offensive operations by almost half. He explained that the Russians still did not abandon their attempts to capture Bakhmut.
  • The other day, the Special Operations Forces liquidated at least an enemy company near Bakhmut. The soldiers also successfully destroyed an enemy drone “Orlan-10”.
  • Military expert Oleg Zhdanov said that in Bakhmut and in the vicinity, constant positional battles continue along the northern and southern outskirts. The enemy was able to penetrate one of the largest enterprises in the city. Despite this, the Ukrainian defenders continue to destroy Russia's offensive potential.

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