The Russians are preparing three “boilers” for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: a report from the front from Roman Svitan


The Russians are preparing three

The Russians dream of breaking through the front and the slightest advance. Despite this, there are rumors about the intentions of the Russians to create three boilers into which the Ukrainian military should fall.

The likelihood of this scenario in the daily report from the front on Channel 24 was assessed by the reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military expert and instructor pilot Roman Svitan. He is sure that in some of these places the creation of “cauldrons” is virtually impossible.

Changing Russian Missile Tactics

Russia on Thursday, March 9, for the first time in a long time again massively attacked Ukraine with missiles. For the first time, the aggressor used 6 “Daggers” at once.

In general, the Russians had to use missiles of various types. This indicates that they do not have the ability to load our air defense system in such a way that at least the bulk of cruise missiles can pass.

This is a large-scale attack, but it was collected from everything that was. The number of Kalibr, Kh-101 and Kh-555 missiles – 48 missiles – is just the amount that Russia can produce per month, Roman Svitan said.

According to him, the Russians with these missiles actually came to zero stock balances. Like, they produce rockets for a month, and then they launch them directly from the conveyor through the territory of Ukraine.

Report from the front with Roman Svitan: watch the video

Three “boilers” from the Russians

Russian military correspondents claim that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing to launch their counteroffensive precisely from the direction of Bakhmut, where heavy fighting continues. They also hope to take advantage of the collection of troops there to make three “cauldrons” for the Ukrainian troops:

  • near Seversk ,
  • in Bakhmut itself,
  • in Avdiivka .

However, the military expert is convinced that two of these places are virtually impossible to encircle. We are talking about Seversk and Avdeevka.

If this is Seversk , then it is tied to Belogorovka. This whole bridgehead around Seversk is well fortified. It is impossible to approach, there are certain elevations where our artillery is located, – explains Roman Svitan.

He is sure that in order to encircle Seversk, the Russians need to capture Slavyansk, reach the Liman from the south and north, and only then try to encircle Seversk. But Russia does not have the strength and means for this.

Russians unable to encircle Seversk / DeepStateMAP screenshot

If we talk about Avdiivka , then the garrison of the city has been standing next to Donetsk for 9 years. Avdiivka borders with Donetsk through Spartak. The very area around Avdiivka performs defense tasks, – said the colonel of the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to him, it is simply impossible to take the defense lines built up over the years here. The Russians fought here all 9 years of the war and began to attack immediately with the start of a full-scale invasion. But the Avdiivka garrison stands still and does not move.

“Until the Russians reach the western bank of Karlovka, it is impossible to complete the task from the encirclement of Avdiivka. And to reach Karlovka … They have been going for 9 years, and the speed of advance is one kilometer a year, no more,” the military expert said.

Why the Russians will not be able to cordon off Avdiivka / Screenshot of DeepStateMAP

Counteroffensive from Bakhmut

In addition, the reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine commented on the information that the General Staff is allegedly preparing 3 battalions in order to push the Russians away from Bakhmut. He is convinced that this number is too small.

Three battalions would only be enough to cut off the performance of Verkhovka – Yagodnoe. In order to cut off the performance from Bakhmut to Belogorovka, as many as three brigades are needed, Roman Svitan is convinced.

Thus, the Armed Forces of Ukraine could release Soledar and Krasnaya Gora, as well as open up a whole flank near Bakhmut. So the colonel admitted that from a military point of view, this idea is correct.

Maneuver Paths in Bahmut / Screenshot from DeepStateMAP

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