The Russians are spreading another fake, allegedly Poland is occupying Ukraine


Russians are spreading another fake, supposedly Poland is occupying Ukraine

Another fake from Russian propaganda/Pexels from Russian propaganda chefs, probably because Poland plans to send peacekeepers to Ukraine.

This information was reported by the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak.

Muscovites are trying to spread information, that Poland, under the guise of peacekeeping missions, plans to “reclaim the territories that were in 1939.” Recall that the same propaganda stuffing also spread in 2014: allegedly Poland and other neighbors dream of dividing Ukraine and tearing off a tasty piece of land. already resorting to insane propaganda. And there is only one truth – Ukraine will win! – the message says.

Please note that Russian soldiers in the temporarily occupied territories are distributing leaflets with stuffing that Russia is not at war with the civilian population, but guarantees them security and freedom of speech. This information is yet another Kremlin propaganda stunt.

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