The Russians attacked Zmeiny Island, which they had only recently left


The Russians attacked the Serpent Island, which they just left

The Russians dropped bombs on the Serpentine/Channel 24 Collage

Just a few days ago, the Russians fled from Serpentine, hiding behind a “gesture of good will.” After that, they dropped bombs from aircraft on the island.

As the operational command “South” noted, the occupiers continued “demonstrating their good will.” 2 bomb attacks were made on Zmeiny.

Russia attacked Zmeiny with Su-24

The island was attacked by 2 enemy Su-24 bombers, under cover of a fighter Su-30.

A little later, he again sent strikes against the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky district of the Odessa region. The enemy fired an X-31 missile from a Su-30 fighter. She ended up in a utility building located on the territory of a recreation center on the coast. There was no significant damage or fire. Fortunately, there were no dead or injured.

The Russians earlier hit the island with phosphorus bombs

It should be noted that on July 1, the Russian army hit Zmeiny Island with phosphorus bombs. The video of the strike was published by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny. He noted the “accuracy of the Russians”, because one of the bombs did not hit the target.

Important! Expert Mikhail Zhirokhov noted that the Russians really ran away from Zmeinoye in a panic and are now destroying the remains of military equipment.< h3> What is known about the flight of Russians from Zmiinoye:

  • Since the 20th of June, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been inflicting well-aimed blows on the Russian garrison.
  • On June 30, it became known that Russian troops on 2 boats hastily left the island.
  • The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed this, but explained this with an incomprehensible gesture of goodwill and the fulfillment of tasks.
  • Forbes wrote that since the beginning of the active war, Russia has lost technology is almost a billion dollars.

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