The Russians boasted that they “knocked out a Ukrainian tank”: they didn’t even draw their Z sign


The Russians boasted that they

Kafir tank/Illustrative photo

Russians continue to invent fakes and brag about “achievements” that don't really exist. The other day, infidels said that they “knocked out a Ukrainian tank,” but it was their technique, they didn't even sketch the Z symbol. Sergei Leshchenko during a briefing, Channel 24 reports.

According to him, the propaganda telegram channel distributed a video from interviews with Russian military men allegedly showing a “destroyed Ukrainian tank”.

But the video clearly shows that this tank has a swastika on all sides – the letter Z , which is a symbol of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The Russians boasted that they

The Russians boasted that they “knocked out Ukrainian tank”, but there are Z signs everywhere

See Sergey Leshchenko's entire April 28 briefing:

By the way, Russian propaganda continues to shoot fake videos from Mariupol. This time they passed off their own dead soldiers as Azov. This was announced by the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petr Andryushchenko. He noted that the dead soldiers have a white ribbon on their arm, and this is exactly what Russian soldiers wear.

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