The Russians compared the residential sector in Kramatorsk with the ground: there are wounded, the rescue operation continues


Russians have compared the residential sector in Kramatorsk to the ground: there are wounded, the rescue operation continues< /p>

Russian invaders attacked Kramatorsk, in the Donetsk region. People's houses have been completely destroyed, and rescue work continues at the site of the shelling.

The Russians don't care where they aim, they continue to destroy civilian infrastructure and private homes. On September 17, the mayor of the Kramatorsk City Council, Alexander Goncharenko, announced another shelling. three persons. The invaders deliberately terrorize the local population. Under such conditions, the only correct option for civilians is to evacuate.

Destroyed houses in Kramatorsk/Alexander Goncharenko

Invaders shelled the private sector/Alexander Goncharenko

This is not the first time Russians have hit civilian targets. For example, earlier the central part of Kramatorsk came under fire. At the same time, high-rise buildings were damaged. In addition, local residents suffered. Also, due to the actions of the invaders, a psychiatric hospital was damaged in Kramatorsk.

What is known about the situation in the Donetsk region

    calmly. There were only sporadic shelling at certain points on the front line. In addition, Avdiivka, Marinka, and the villages of Volnoe Pole and Burlatskoe were hit by artillery fire. There were no casualties as a result of the shelling.
  • In Soledar, the Russians damaged a private house – there were no casualties.
  • Kirilenko recommended that the locals evacuate, because the Russians will shoot constantly until they are expelled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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