The Russians destroyed a farm in the Donetsk region – 30 animals died


Russians destroyed a farm in the Donetsk region – killed 30 animals

Consequences of shelling in Donbass/Collage 24 channels

Russian rockets again struck civilian settlements in Donbass. Enemy shells arrived in Pokrovsk and the village of Grishino.

Pavel Kirilenko, the head of the Donetsk Police Department, told about this. According to him, in addition to private residential buildings, a weather station and a farm were also damaged.According to Kirilenko, as a result of rocket strikes in the Donetsk region, two people were injured, and at least 14 private houses were destroyed and damaged. A weather station was also destroyed.

It is reported that the Russians destroyed the farm. Three dozen animals died there.

The Russians clearly adhere to their scorched earth tactics. They hit civilian objects, terrorize people, – Kirilenko commented on the atrocities of the Russians.

He stressed that in order not to become their next target and save their lives, everyone who is not involved in the defense of Donbass or supporting the operation of critical infrastructure should evacuate to safer areas of Ukraine.

The situation in Pokrovsk: watch the video h3>

Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Security Pavel Lisyansky explained that the massive shelling of the Donbass and Luhansk regions is part of the Kremlin's strategy. The occupiers again began to mobilize in the temporarily occupied regions. The local population opposes this decision. In order to suppress them, the enemy must show intense battles.

“Therefore, they shell Lugansk, Donetsk and other cities. They begin forced mobilization, increasing the number of cannon fodder to intensify hostilities in other areas in the Donbass,” Lisyansky believes .

According to Lisyansky, women are actively protesting against the mobilization of men, so the invaders are trying to stop them with provocations.

“When women start protesting again, they will say: “You see, Donetsk is on fire , Luhansk is on fire, we are being shelled.” In fact, they are shelling themselves,” the human rights activist explained.

Pay attention. The Russians are shelling the region with everything that is only in service – small arms, tanks, artillery, mortars, Grad and Smerch multiple launch rocket systems. Only in the previous day, Avdiivka, Dobropolye, Ocheretino were hit. Berdychi, New York, Zhelanne and Verevka.

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