The Russians have developed an armored train “Yenisei” from diesel locomotives stolen in the Kharkiv region


Russians developed an armored train

The Russians developed an armored train “Yenisei” from diesel locomotives stolen in the Kharkiv region/Screenshot from the video

< strong _ngcontent-sc88="">The Russians “blinded” a new armored train from materials stolen in Ukraine. At the same time, it is interesting that the vulnerabilities of this armored train are visible even in the photo with the naked eye.

Thus, the invaders created a new armored train called “Yenisei”. Kremlin propagandists openly admit that the Russians stole containers, diesel locomotives and rolling stock from Ukrzaliznytsia in Kharkiv region to build the Enisey armored train.

The occupiers praise the new armored train

The declared scheme of the train is two shunting diesel locomotives of the ChME3 type, eight cars (4 of which are platforms from the BMP-2 and ZU-23-2).

According to Russian propagandists, this casket is designed to conduct engineering reconnaissance and deliver ammunition to the front line. But it seems that, first of all, the Enisey is intended specifically for conducting combat operations while guarding enemy communications.

This is indicated not only by the fact that there is a platform with a ZU-23-2 at the head of the train, which primarily serves as an anti-personnel weapon, but also by the fact that the second platform with the BMP-2 has an April for the congress, so that if necessary this infantry fighting vehicle could “circle” around the armadillo.

Vulnerabilities of the “Yenisei”

Theoretically, there are two covered freight wagons for transporting goods. But this turns out to be a rather specific situation: the occupiers have equipped firing points in “freight trains” and are going to carry, for example, ammunition there.

To see the vulnerabilities of the enemy “Yenisei”, you can only look at the photo. Between the wheelsets of the diesel locomotive there is a fuel tank (black), into which diesel fuel is poured. And this tank is not protected in any way.

The Russians have developed an armored train

Vulnerable point of the armored train “Enisey”/Photo by RosSMI

Everything that is above the wheels in the diesel locomotive ChME3 is either a power plant or a crew cabin. And the armor plates on a diesel locomotive resemble “barbecues” on tanks, that is, they give the crew a psychological feeling of “security”, but they do not withstand encounters with NLAW or Javelin or other anti-tank weapons systems.

We hope that these lines will be read, among other things, by people who will apply in practice the knowledge about the vulnerabilities of the Russian armored train “Yenisei”, which “originated” in the temporarily occupied areas of the Kharkiv region, the message says.

Losses of the enemy as of June 28

Yesterday, June 27, the Russian invaders suffered the greatest losses precisely in the Bakhmut direction. Instead, since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the invaders have lost:

  • personnel – 35250 (+250) people liquidated;
  • tanks – 1567 (+15) units;< /li>
  • armored combat vehicles – 3704 (+17) units;
  • artillery systems – 778 (+7) units;
  • MLRS – 243 units;
  • air defense systems – 102 (+1) units;
  • aircraft – 217 units;
  • helicopters – 185 (+1) units;
  • UAVs operationally -tactical level – 636 units;
  • cruise missiles – 139 units;
  • ships and boats – 14 units;
  • automotive equipment and tankers – 2589 (+14 ) units;
  • special equipment – ​​61 (+1) units.

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