The Russians have one greatest “achievement” in Bakhmut: is there any reason for the withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the city


The Russians have one greatest

The Russian occupiers do not abandon their attempts to capture Bakhmut in the Donetsk region. The day before, Vladimir Zelensky said that if the enemy captures the city, then Kramatorsk and Slavyansk will be under threat. But so far there are no grounds for the withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Bakhmut.

This opinion was expressed on the air of Channel 24 by the military-political observer of the Information Resistance group Alexander Kovalenko. According to him, the greatest “achievement” of the Russians is reaching the border of Shchedra Street in Bakhmut.

Threats when the Armed Forces leave the city

Kovalenko noted that the T-05-04 and O-0506 routes are under Russian fire control. Therefore, Bakhmut ended up in a semicircle, which created problems for the logistics of the Ukrainian military.

The military observer is convinced that the occupiers do not have enough resources to conduct offensive battles in Bakhmut. The enemy will be able to do this when the weather conditions change.

They are now redistributing their resources, concentrating on urban battles. Offensive battles in the direction of T-05-04 and O-0506 may resume with renewed vigor when weather conditions change. Now the weather conditions are not in favor of the Russian occupiers,” he said.

Oleksandr Kovalenko noted that at present the withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Bakhmut is inexpedient. Ukrainian artillery controls the offensive actions of the Russian invaders. He also stressed that Russia would not achieve its goals.

“They (the Russians – Channel 24) spent 9 months walking from different points from 4 to 10 kilometers to Bakhmut. Now their greatest achievement is that they were able to reach the border of Shchedra Street in Bakhmut,” the military observer said. . .

Map of hostilities on March 8: watch the video

Russia does not have enough resources

According to Kovalenko, now manpower is the only resource with which the occupiers can advance without restrictions. They can replenish the personnel of one or another subunit and not withdraw it from the line of confrontation.

“On the left bank of the Kherson region and the Zaporozhye region, the Russians have a critical situation with the replenishment of their units. They do not have a full staffing. Their main equipment is sent to the Bakhmut direction. Even there it is not enough,” he said.

ISW spoke about the danger in the event of the occupation of Bakhmut

  • According to analysts, Russian forces lack the ability to use the tactical capture of Bakhmut to operational effect, and this is likely to end quickly after the capture of Bakhmut.
  • It is said that after the capture of Bakhmut, Russian troops will have to choose between two differences of advance. The occupiers may try to move west along the T0504 road towards Konstantinovka (about 20 kilometers from Bakhmut) or northwest along the E40 road towards Slovyansk-Kramatorsk (about 40 kilometers northwest of Bakhmut).
  • The ISW noted that the Ukrainian defenders also heavily fortified both of these routes, which are provided with numerous ground lines of communication that run deep into the Ukrainian rear. Therefore, any attempt by Russia to advance along these roads is likely to be very costly for them.

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