The Russians have several scenarios: Maliar explained why it is difficult to warn Ukrainians about the plans of the enemy


Russians have several scenarios: Malyar explained why it is difficult to warn Ukrainians about enemy plans

Russia has several scenarios for a war against Ukraine. Therefore, it is difficult to warn Ukrainians about a new offensive.

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar announced this on the air of the national telethon. According to her, even the Russian troops themselves did not know until the last moment whether they would move somewhere, since the aggressor country has several war scenarios.

Why is it difficult warn Ukrainians about the plans of the enemy

As Malyar said, the enemy makes a decision at the last moment. Ukraine took all the necessary measures to prevent a full-scale invasion.

Therefore, it is not the position of the state to say unequivocally that we cannot do anything or are not doing anything. The state to the last tried to minimize the invasion, – said the Deputy Minister.

According to her, no one expected such a scale of the war and no one could predict missiles either.

“To take it and say it from the screen would probably be somewhat wrong. Because we tried in every possible way to stop it,” Maliar emphasized.

The Deputy Minister added that Ukraine is now also preparing for all possible scenarios . According to Malyar, one should not relax and underestimate the enemy. Now the war is in its active phase.

We are seeing regular rocket attacks, Iranian drones and activity in the war zone. Now the enemy also has several scenarios and they are guided by the situation,” Maliar noted.

Why are they hiding information about Ukrainian losses in the war

Anna Malyar said that there is a certain percentage, after which any army begins to change its tactics. And so that the enemy does not have access to this information, they are forced to classify it.

Malyar stressed that no one can completely and completely hide this data. According to her, they will be recognized at the end of the war. After all, the dead soldiers have relatives and friends. So hiding this information simply will not work.

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