The Russians may be preparing shelling of railways and bridges in the western regions


Russians may be preparing shelling of railways and bridges in Western regions

Russians may be planning shelling of a railway in Western Ukraine/Radio Liberty

Russian occupiers can fire at railway tracks and bridges in Western Ukraine. Such messages appear on pro-Russian channels.

So the Center for Counteracting Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine warned about them. Of course, this may be information stuffing, but you should not ignore such statements by the occupiers.

The occupier may plan to shell the railway infrastructure of the western regions of Ukraine, the National Security and Defense Council warned.

In particular, the center noted that several pro-Russian Telegram channels received information about receiving Russians “of a complete and accurate list of the coordinates of the railway bridges in Western Ukraine.”

They also wrote that “there will be a bridge fall.”

The Russians threaten to attack the “NATO columns”

The Center's experts do not rule out that such informational stuffing may be part of a hostile information-psychological operation aimed at whipping up panic among Ukrainians who are in the western regions.

However, given the threats Russians about attacks on NATO convoys with weapons for Ukraine, one cannot completely exclude the possibility of implementing such a plan, the message says.

The believers are urged not to go to church for Easter

The Center for Strategic Communications and information security urges believers to be careful and not put themselves at risk, celebrate Easter online, and not go to church.

So, April 23 at 23:30 on the air of the national marathon united news #UAat once and the public TV channel UA: Culture will broadcast the service of the OCU from the St. from the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ in Kyiv.

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