The Russians named the date of the onset of the golden autumn

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The Russians were named the date of the onset of the golden autumn

Since September 22, nature “gradually falls asleep”, there are more cloudy days, and the average daily air temperatures drop below 10 degrees. Marina Makarova, Chief Specialist of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, spoke about this.

“On September 22, the astronomical autumn comes, and the inevitable seasonal changes begin – the warm half of the year is replaced by the cold one. There are more cloudy days, the average daily temperature drops below 10 degrees, the vegetation of plants stops, the formation of chlorophyll in the leaves stops. Nature is gradually falling asleep, ”TASS quotes Marina Makarova.

In addition, with the beginning of the astronomical autumn, precipitation changes.

“Not local, as is typical for summer, but areal. There will be more clouds, ”the specialist explained.

As reported in the Moscow Planetarium, the astronomical autumn this year in the Northern Hemisphere will come on September 22 at 22:21 Moscow time, TASS specifies. As Marina Makarova added, this period is called “golden autumn”, because after the onset of cold weather, leaves begin to fall.

Earlier it was reported that in the center of the European part of the Russian Federation, warming up to 13 degrees in the daytime is predicted. The scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, Roman Vilfand, told TASS about this.

“Temperatures are expected to rise on Friday. It will be in the range of 11-13 degrees, of course, this is not very warm weather, not Indian summer, but it will already be much more pleasant, ”he said.

Wilfand also added that cloudiness and light rain are expected.

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