The Russians “perforated” their air defense system with their own hands because of fear


The Russians blew holes in their air defense system out of fear

A small moment about the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun system on the roofs of administrative buildings in Moscow.

Russians demonstrate the inefficiency of what “has no analogues in the world”

I can't say that this is a completely bad complex, it would be untruth. However, he has many sores that are chronic and irreparable.

The Pantsir-S1 air defense system has serious problems with working in dense urban areas. Tall buildings significantly reduce the effectiveness of detecting threats. In addition, the missiles of the Pantsir-S1 air defense missile system have a problem with rounding these buildings. Belgorod is well aware of this.

Therefore, the Pantsir-S1 air defense system on the roofs of buildings is not only a demonstration of the fear experienced by the Russian military-political leadership, but also a demonstration inferiority and defectiveness of the “unparalleled in the world” complex.

The invaders themselves weakened their air defense system

To date, “Pantsir-S1” stands next to the “Tor-M2” air defense system. That is, these are one of the most modern systems in the short-range echelon. But there is one caveat…

The number of these complexes is limited. The Pantsir-S1 air defense system was produced for the needs of the Russian army in the amount of 116 units.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the loss of Russians is 33 units of the Pantsir-S1 air defense system. That is, a third of the complexes were destroyed in 2022. A certain number are still in the war zone in Ukraine. It is used to cover the objects of the invaders and advanced units on the line of collision.

This is what led to the fact that in Russia itself there is now no full-fledged layered air defense. In the occupiers – a lack of complexes, especially a small radius of action. At the same time, the Pantsir-S1 air defense systems have now been brought to Moscow from other Russian regions, thereby weakening them. And all because they have no extra complexes.

That is, air defense in Russia is becoming more and more full of holes and all in the name of Moscow's “security”.

Hello to Engels! Well, Voronezh.

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