The Russians really need ammunition for artillery: will China increase their supply


The Russians really need ammunition for artillery: will China increase their supply

From the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Moscow, experts expect decisions on the supply of weapons to Russia from the PRC. And such fears are justified.

Military expert Petr Chernik told Channel 24 about this. He noted that a partial provision of Chinese weapons to Moscow may take place, but it is not worth raising the bar regarding the magnitude of this issue.

Doesn't look logical

In his opinion, the Russians first of all need ammunition for artillery.

China has them, of course. They have colossally large capacities that allow them to produce the necessary calibers, primarily 152 and 122 millimeters. he stressed.

The military expert added that the Chinese military-industrial complex has a common root with Russia, because they grew out of the Soviet Union.

“Will China go for a really large-scale supply of weapons that Russia really needs? In my opinion, this does not look very logical so far,” Chernik said.

Petr Chernik on the possibility of large-scale arms supplies to Russia from China: watch the video

The United States gave China a serious signal

He explained that the Chinese economy is 100% integrated into the world economy, and all of China's export products are delivered primarily to the countries of the Euro-Atlantic space and collectively amount to about 50 trillion dollars of GDP.

It is not entirely correct to exchange all this economic expediency for 1.5 trillion of Russia's GDP now,” the interlocutor noted.

The military expert noted that the Americans gave China a very serious signal how they would fight them if they took this step. This means that the United States has almost officially recognized that covid is an artificial virus. And in this case, the Chinese may be sued by different states for trillions of dollars.

“It is very beneficial for the Chinese that the conflict in Ukraine be frozen according to their scenario, because then they have all the evidence base to start their military adventure in Taiwan,” Piotr Chernik summed up.

Xi Jinping's visit to Russia: what is known

  • The Kremlin announced Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow. He will arrive on March 20-22.
  • It is known that during the talks with the leader of the PRC, the issue of developing comprehensive partnership relations and strategic interaction between Russia and China will be discussed.
  • It is also planned to exchange views in the context of deepening Russian-Chinese cooperation in the international arena. In addition, a number of “important bilateral documents” are planned to be signed.
  • It is noted that China will adhere to an objective position towards Ukraine and will play a constructive role in advancing the negotiations.

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