The Russians shelled Chernobaevka: the spouses were injured, and their son died


Russians shelled Chernobaevka: spouses were injured, and their son died

Russians shelled Chernobaevka on May 27/Kherson Regional Prosecutor's Office

Occupiers once again shelled Chernobaevka. Since they cannot overpower the APU, they mock the locals. In particular, on the evening of May 27, an entire family suffered as a result of enemy shelling.

A man and a woman were injured, and their son died. This was told to journalists by local residents.

As a result of the actions of the invaders, the family lost their son. The mother of the deceased's arm was torn off, and her husband received fractures.

He died under the rubble of his parents' house

According to the Kherson Regional Prosecutor's Office, a 33-year-old man was killed as a result of the shelling. The rocket hit the house directly and he died under the rubble of his parents' house.

In total, as a result of this shelling, 6 people received injuries of varying severity. At the same time, the level of damage to the infrastructure is still being determined.

The regional prosecutor's office has launched a pre-trial investigation into violations of the laws and customs of war, combined with premeditated murder.

What you need to know about the situation in Chernobaevka< /h3>

  • Chernobaevka is currently under Russian occupation. People live under constant shelling. The Russian military rob houses and kidnap people, the community lacks the necessary medicines.
  • At least 200 residential buildings are known to have been damaged in the village. The occupiers repeatedly shelled Chernobevka with hailstones and cluster bombs.
  • In early May, the Russians captured the head of Chernobaevka, Igor Dudar and his deputy Yevgeny Rodionov, and on May 8 they appointed an occupation administration, headed by Yuri Turulev. On May 12, it became known that Rodionov had been released from captivity.
  • Legal employees of the Chernobyv village council refused to cooperate with the invaders. In protest, they left the seized administrative building, but continued to work remotely.
  • But the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to inflict losses on the invaders near Chernobaevka. On May 16, it became known that Ukrainian soldiers hit the enemy forces in Chernobaevka for the 20th time.

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