The Russians started making occupation administrations in several areas: why they need it


Russians have begun to create occupation administrations in several areas: why do they need it

Russia is trying to create occupation administrations in the East and South of Ukraine – intelligence data/Photo by Kremlin propagandists

The Kremlin is trying to form occupation administrations in the partially occupied regions of Ukraine. This may indicate that they plan to hold this territory for a long time.

This is evidenced by intelligence from our defenders. They were published in the operational summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the day on March 31.

The occupiers want to create administrations in 4 regions:

  • Donetsk
  • < li>Luhansk

  • Zaporozhye;
  • Kherson.

Considering the above, in the near future the enemy will probably , will try to maintain a military presence with the conduct of hostilities in the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine, summed up the General Staff.

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