The Russians started panicking about strengthening air defense in the depths of Russia: ISW reacted


The Russians started panicking about strengthening air defense in the depths of Russia: ISW reacted

Russia's constant attempts to install additional air defense installations are causing internal backlash. They are placed in areas where military operations will never take place.

This was reported at the Institute for the Study of War. By the way, earlier the Belarusian Ministry of Defense announced that it would build up air defense together with Russia.

The Russians react in panic to the strengthening of air defense

Russia's constant attempts to portray the war in Ukraine as existential for internal security by installing additional air defenses in areas where hostilities will never take place are causing internal backlash.

Russian independent opposition publication The Insider reported that Russian troops are installing additional S-400 air defense systems in residential areas and protected natural areas of Moscow, causing a backlash from the people and cutting down dense wooded areas.

However, the propaganda media denied reports of additional air defense installations.

However, Andrey Kartapolov, head of the State Duma Committee on Defense, suggested using utility bills to finance the installation of air defense systems to protect against “terrorist attacks.”

Later, the Bryansk Regional Duma removed this initiative from its website after the initiative attracted the public and accused unknown hackers of publishing.

Where is air defense installed in Russia

  • Previously, at administrative buildings in Moscow, air defense systems were tightened with the help of cranes. A corresponding video has appeared on the network.
  • This caused a wave of memes and jokes among Ukrainians.
  • In Russia, they began to actively cut down trees in forests in order to place air defense systems in their place. Only in one of the districts of Moscow destroyed about 100 hectares of forest in the protected area.
  • Also, air defense systems began to be installed around the Kremlin. Three Pantsir-S1 complexes were installed in such a way that they completely blocked the airspace over the Kremlin.
  • In addition, in Russia they are so afraid of possible strikes that they installed an air defense system on the roof of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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