The Russians tried to break through near Toshkivka, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine repulsed them


Russians tried to break through near Toshkivka, but the Armed Forces fought them off

The Armed Forces repulsed the insane assault on Toshkivka/Channel 24 Collage

The situation in the Lugansk region remains difficult. The enemy throws great forces into the assaults and dreams of the complete occupation of the area.

The head of the Lugansk OVA Serhiy Gaidai announced the results of the day on June 19 in the Luhansk region. The situation is consistently difficult, but the enemy fails to make a breakthrough in any of the directions.

The current situation in the Lugansk region

According to Gaidai, it is in the Luhansk region is now the most difficult military situation. The Russians continue the assault on Severodonetsk and attempts to completely capture the city, but so far they can only boast of yet another loss.

Today the Russians tried to break through to Toshkovka. They even had success, but after the work of our artillery they were defeated. They threw a large force into this attack. For understanding: about 1.5 armored personnel carriers of the enemy’s military equipment entered Toshkovka,” Gaidai said.

As for Lysichansk, the city remains in the power of Ukraine, the “silent” evacuation continues, humanitarian supplies are delivered daily. The only problem is the constant shelling of the Russian invaders, who are trying to destroy the city to the ground.

Russia's war against Ukraine: latest news

  • The Belarusian army continues to “study” near the borders with Ukraine. Many experts argue that there is no talk of an attack, because the Belarusians have little strength for this. Now the Belarusian army is conducting mobilization exercises. If the soldiers begin to “land on equipment”, then the threat of an attack will become more real.
  • The Russians continue to build defenses on the territory of the temporarily occupied Kherson region. It became known that they are working on building up the air defense system. Work is also ongoing to improve the first and second lines of defense.
  • Blogger Sergei Sternenko published a lot of interesting information on the phone of the liquidated Russian occupier. The 21-year-old militant was marching on Kyiv from Belarus and was confident that the war would last less than a week. When the Russians were rebuffed in the Kiev direction, the infidels were transferred through Belarus to Belgorod, and from there they entered the Kharkiv region through the Chugunovka checkpoint. The occupier was liquidated in May.

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