The Russians were ordered to take Avdiivka until March 1: why the city is important for the enemy


The Russians were ordered to take Avdiivka before March 1: why the city is important to the enemy

Occupiers keep trying to reach the administrative borders of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. To do this, they need to pass Pokrovsk, and they cannot leave Avdiivka in the rear.

The road to Pokrovsk lies through the Karlovskoye reservoir and the aggravation in the Nevelskoye area indicates that the invaders are trying to advance there. About thisChannel 24said the head of the Avdiivka city military-civilian administration, Vitaliy Barabash.

Occupiers seek to cut off Donbass from water

Barabash said that the Karlovskoye reservoir meets the needs of almost half of the Donetsk region, namely the following settlements:

  • Pokrovsk;
  • Mirnograd;
  • Kurakhovo;
  • Selidovo;< /li>
  • Novogrodovka.

It is very important for the Russians to cut off the water so that those territories are left without it. Therefore, almost every day they hit the pumping station at the Karlovsky reservoir, – said the chairman of the Avdiivka city military-civilian administration.

According to him, all the above-mentioned settlements are left without water supply almost every day. In addition, if the invaders manage to reach the Karlovskoye reservoir, they will be able to strike Pokrovsk from the Grad MLRS.

Barabash explained why the invaders need Avdiivka: watch the video

“In this context, it is unacceptable for the Russians to go to the Karlovskoye reservoir and leave Avdiivka in their rear. If you strategically move towards Pokrovsk and Karlovka, then first all you need to do is encircle Avdiivka and prevent our military from hitting them in the rear later,” Barabash stated. p>Now the first army corps of the quasi-republic of the Donetsk region, as well as the 96th paratrooper division of the Russian armed forces, is located in the Avdiivka area. from all over the world. However, they have not been seen for the second week. There was even information that this group was liquidated.

However, most likely, they went to resupply or they were transferred to another direction, – suggested the head of the Avdiivka city military-civil administration.

According to him, from the intercepted conversations of the enemy, it becomes clear that a the task is to take Avdiivka. The Russians are constantly postponing the dates of the “capture” of the city, but now the order is on the air to capture Avdiivka before March 1

The situation at the front: latest news

  • Russia continues a new large-scale offensive in the Donbass despite the frenzied losses suffered by the enemy army. On February 14, the enemy tried to break through the military line of defense of the State Border Service unit.
  • The invaders tried to capture the positions of the defense forces, using a significant advantage in manpower. However, the Ukrainian Armed Forces helped the border guards. Consequently, without success, the enemy retreated with losses.
  • Now the Russian invaders continue to focus their main efforts on conducting offensive operations in the Kupyansky, Limansky, Bakhmutsky, Avdeevsky and Miner directions.

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