The Russians were told that a biometric data leak could break lives

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The Russians were told that a biometric data leak could break lives

Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexei Moiseev said that a biometric data leak could ruin a person's life.

According to him, the compromise of biometric data is the worst thing that can happen. Moiseev noted that if a person entrusted his biometric data to someone, and this system turned out to be unreliable, then a person's life in the digital future is broken.

The problem, according to the deputy minister, is that it is impossible to change the biometric data, unlike, for example, the pin code on the card and even the passport.

By biometric data we mean, as a rule, scans of fingerprints, photographs of a face. Moiseev has said more than once that the leakage of such information can be dangerous. Therefore, she must defend herself at a high level.

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