The Russians were told what to do after the loss or theft of a smartphone

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The Russians were told what to do after the loss or theft of a smartphone

The RT edition spoke with information security expert Alexei Lukatsky about what actions should be taken after the loss or theft of a smartphone.

Thus, the expert noted that after the purchase of the device, it is necessary to take security measures – to enable the “Find phone” mode. This will physically reveal the geolocation of a lost or stolen smartphone, which gives hope of finding it.

In addition, using this mode, you can block the phone remotely, in fact, turning it into a brick so that a thief or a person who found it and did not turn it over to either the police or the owner could not use it seriously ,” Lukatsky said.

If a smartphone is lost or stolen, the first step is to change passwords on all services that the owner used, especially those related to online banking.

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