“The same morel under the covers”: Piontkovsky called Putin's two most difficult hardware defeats

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The analyst spoke about the circle: Putin, Shoigu, Prigozhin and Gerasimov.

Political scientist Andrey Piontkovsky, who is in Washington, noted that the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, for the first time in 23 years in the Kremlin, suffered “two very heavy hardware defeats.”

The analyst told about this on air “Espresso”.

“Putin in St. Petersburg had the same look of a morel under a blanket as during the May parade on Red Square. He was then in shock after the first major defeat of the Russian army and the “goodwill gesture” when they were thrown away from Kyiv, Chernigov and Sumy. otherwise couldn’t look,” Piontkovsky said.

According to the political scientist, for the first time in his 23 years in power, Putin suffered two very severe defeats.

“The first one was on the night of January 10-11, when Shoigu and Gerasimov came to him and demanded to immediately dismiss Surovikin in order to return Gerasimov to the post, and Putin submitted,” the analyst said.

According to Piontkovsky, Putin's second mistake was connivance with Prigozhin.

“When Prigozhin arrived in Putin two days later with the opposite demand, stop the 'program of discrediting' by the General Staff of Wagner's 'heroic fighters' and issue an official statement about their 'feats'.” After such two defeats, this is no longer the same person, he is no longer perceived by the apparatus as a Fuhrer. In the criminal world, and now we see in the Russian political military elite it is the criminal community, the lowered godfather is no longer the godfather. twice a week. an attack not only on the military command, on pro *** in the General Staff, but also on traitors in the presidential administration,” the analyst said.

The Kremlin is preparing Russia for a long-term war in Ukraine.< /p>

An analysts believe that the dictator's cordon understands that “Putin's finale is certain.”

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