The SBU detained a Russian agent who “pointed” enemy missiles at energy facilities in Odessa


The SBU has detained a Russian agent who < /p>

The Security Service of Ukraine has detained a Russian agent in the Odessa region. The spy brought enemy missiles to power facilities in Odessa.

A Russian FSB agent collected information about the deployment of military and critical infrastructure facilities in the Odessa region. First of all, he tried to reveal the positions of the Ukrainian air defense system.

The traitor hoped to get 70 thousand

The spy kept the data on a flash drive that he planned hand over to the Russian special service. He wanted to receive up to 70,000 hryvnia per month for completing “tasks”.

The SBU established that the Russian agent was a resident of the Odessa region, who, after the start of a full-scale invasion, was recruited by the FSB. He came to the attention of the infidels because of his pro-Kremlin views.

The spy was taken into custody

During the searches, a flash drive with the suspect was found red-handed . The traitor was suspected. The court chose a measure of restraint in the form of detention.

Messages sent by an FSB spy/Screenshots of the SBU

Important. We add that on January 20, it became known that the Security Service of Ukraine exposed a large network of floods in the Dnieper. Ukraine defeats Russia in the war of special services

Damage to the energy system of Odesa region

Recall that DTEK made disappointing forecasts on the situation with electricity in the Odesa region. The report says that, obviously, after the last massive shelling, it will not be possible to restore the power system as quickly as it was in previous times. But the experts are doing their best.

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