The scandalous blogger Dirubens, who fled to Russia, again sued the officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


The controversial blogger Dirubens, who fled to Russia, again sued the officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Blogger-traitor Dirubens, who once convinced the Ministry of Defense that she was a “little Ukrainian”, and now hides in Moscow, decided to sue the officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Anatoly Stefan again. Curiously, she filed the lawsuit online.

This was announced by the officer's lawyer Yuri Melnik. The blogger-traitor sent her lawsuit to the Supreme Court.

The blogger’s father paid the court fee

The lawyer said that the Cassation Civil Court of the Supreme Court opened proceedings on the appeal of the blogger Dirubens, she is Taisiya Malaman. The court twice gave the blogger the opportunity to eliminate the shortcomings of the complaint, because it did not indicate the grounds for the claim and did not provide evidence that copies of the documents were sent to other participants in the case.

Anatoly “Stirlitz” Stefan himself said that her father paid the court fee for the blogger's claim, because Malaman could not physically do it, because she is holed up in Russia and has never spoken about the war in Ukraine and how the occupiers attack the city where her parents now live.

Interestingly, the blogger-traitor completely ignores the topic of the war, and in her social networks you can find a lot of Russian advertising, which, obviously, generates her income. For example, Taisiya advertises services for preparing for the Unified State Exam – Russian texting for school graduates who want to get higher education. That is, something like a UPE, but in an aggressor country.

Malaman earns money in Russia during the war/Screenshot

Dirubens blogger scandal: what preceded

The whole scandal with Taisiya Malaman began with the video “What is your favorite country”, in which the girl lit up. There, between Ukraine and Russia, she chose an aggressor country. Subsequently, Anatoly Stefan expressed his opinion about this disgusting statement. Of course, he was quite categorical, so the girl decided that the words of the military allegedly offended her.

She sued the officer and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in order to “protect honor and dignity” At the same time, the blogger decided to comment on this scandal on the video and called Stefan “the shame of the Ukrainian army” and “a man who fights against civilians.” To which he responded with a counterclaim. The employee asked to steal 300 thousand hryvnias from her for these images. It immediately turned into a legal war.

It is interesting that after the scandal, the brands with which the blogger collaborated abandoned this, and Taisiya ended up in the Peacemaker database. To the control question from the Ministry of Defense “Ukraine or Russia”, the blogger began to make excuses that she was a “little Ukrainian”. A few days before the invasion, she left for Russia. In June 2022, that is, after fleeing to the aggressor country, she already filed a new lawsuit against Stefan, but to no avail.

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