The scandalous “servant” Kamelchuk will pay more than 50 thousand hryvnia: for which he was punished


The scandalous

Yury Kamelchuk “became famous” for his statements/Facebook deputy Kamelchuk

Servant of the People MP Yuriy Kamelchuk will have to pay more than 50,000 hryvnias because he scolded Lvovugol CEO Oleg Akimov. The people's deputy called him “horse f**king catfish”.


Yuriy Kamelchuk must pay the head of “Lvovugol” Oleg Akimov moral damages in the amount of 20 thousand hryvnia, and this is without taking into account legal costs. This was reported by journalist Yevgeny Miklushka.

What is known about the conflict between Kamelchuk and Akimov

The people's deputy said to the general director of Lvovugol – “hor ** ny under *** with Akimov”, which humiliates the honor, dignity and business reputation of a man. Taking into account legal costs, Kamelchuk will have to pay more than 50 thousand hryvnia.

According to the decision of the Chervonograd city court, the words of the deputy are offensive. By the way, Kamelchuk said this phrase in August last year during a protest action of miners demanding payment of wage arrears on the territory of Lvovugol.

As a result, the court decided to recover moral damages from the people's deputy in the amount of 20 thousand hryvnia< /strong> , Akimov needs to pay another 20 thousand hryvnia for the services of a lawyer, and 10 thousand hryvnia for conducting a forensic psychological examination.

It is noted that Kamelchuk tried to appeal the court's decision, but his complaint was rejected due to errors.

Scandalous "servant" Kamelchuk will pay more than 50 thousand hryvnias: for that he was punished


What is known about the most notorious scandals involving Kamelchuk

The people's deputy from the Servant of the People is known for his anti-vaccination views. In December 2020, he stated that he “does not trust any vaccine in the world, especially against the fictional disease COVID-19.”

He subsequently tried to explain his statement. At the same time, the people's deputy did not deny the statements about the “fictitious coronavirus”, but rather emphasized that WHO is to blame for everything.

Also, Kamelchuk quarreled with the employees of the State Security Department. For unknown reasons, the People's Deputy demanded the results of PCR tests from them.

In addition, the Corruption Prevention Agency found an undeclared apartment of 63 square meters in Kamelchuk in Kyiv.

He also did not indicate in declarations of 3 private companies: Business Forum Systems, Business Forum and Business Forum Group.

According to the agency, the people's deputy also did not indicate financial obligations to Privatbank in the amount of 1.38 million hryvnia.

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