The “Second Army of the World” cannot cope with equipment even during exercises: military vehicles were sunk



To prepare its consumables in the war of conquest, Russia conducts military exercises from time to time. At the next such exercises to overcome water barriers, the military of the occupying countries drowned two combat vehicles at once.

However, several Russian military men did not overcome the water obstacle during the exercises. This was reported by Russian telegram channels. 24 Channel .

The command of the occupiers got water in his mouth

Such an unusual study of the bottom of the reservoir took place in one of the southern regions of Russia, apparently on March 13th. However, it is not known exactly how many invaders went on a “cruise”, because traditionally the command of the occupiers kept silent officially.

Therefore, the reasons for such results of the exercises are also unknown. Although we can assume that the Russian military decided to simply confirm the status of mediocre commanders and show their soldiers what brilliant orders to expect directly on the battle line.

Incredible exercise results / Screenshot

The news was also reacted to online.

Note that this news was also noted by Twitter users. Of course, they remembered the well-known words of Lieutenant General Konashenkov that everything was going according to plan. They also trolled the well-known replacement of concepts according to the rules of the new language of Russia and noted that the occupiers did not drown, but negatively sailed away.

Some even stated that they were ready to offer another 15 scenarios for such games of invaders and even a whole colonel for this.

Fuck, just don't stop them, let them train! – called the user of the social network.

They also remembered the old slogan of the occupying country about “we can repeat it”: “They are training to repeat the Bukrinsky bridgehead? They can. Repeat it.”

Help . The Bukrinsky bridgehead is one of the bridgeheads on the right bank of the Dnieper, captured in September 1943 by the troops of the Voronezh Front during the battle for the Dnieper. Then the Soviet command forced the troops to cross the Dnieper, using improvised means and not waiting for the approach of the engineering units of the front, so the soldiers sailed across the river under heavy enemy fire and drowned in thousands. According to the participants in the battles at the Bukrinsky bridgehead, there have been no such bloody battles since the beginning of the war. Then about 250 thousand people died, but some historians suggest that the losses were much higher.

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